October 26, 2021

Introduction to casino bonuses

We, CasinoWow, welcome you to the Casino Bonuses Guide. Our goal is to make you an expert player. To do this, you need to train the logins and dimensions of online casinos. Knowledge increases self-confidence and confidence in success.

First, we are sure that no one needs to tell you that the Internet is a gateway to endless sources of information, entertainment and enlightenment. Advanced technology and IT breakthroughs have led to great business opportunities online. The gambling industry is no exception.

There are hundreds of online casinos online that can now offer you numerous gaming entertainment. In this way, market floods present many challenges over which competition from competitors is leading. This has meant that online casinos have had to dig deep to promote their sites and win customers with promotional cards.

The primary way online casinos attract customers to their casinos is through Special Offers and Bonus Offers. These bonuses are not only designed to attract first players to the site, but many are designed to keep them coming back again and again.

This guide is an introduction to casino bonuses. We aim to educate you on what casino bonuses are, what form they come in, and to provide intensive background information on their terms.

What are casino bonuses?

They are a form of promotion to attract their customers to the casino. These are offers that usually promote your bank account so you can be exposed to platform games with minimal risk.
They come in a variety of formats, but all come with an incentive to lower the cost of online gaming.

Three primary bonus categories

Before we continue to summarize the most popular forms of online casino bonuses, it is important to understand that bonuses come to you in three primary ways. These categories cannot be found at a designated casino, but by briefly reading the bonus terms, you will know what the nature of the bonus is.

Cash bonuses / non-sticky bonuses

When you are offered a bonus, you can sometimes withdraw bonus funds and any winnings made on it. These are bonuses payable. The recycling requirements (see recycling requirements below this round) must be met first, but once this requirement is met, the money is all yours. In general, the redemption requirements are quite strict for these types of bonuses.

Sticky bonus: Type 1

This type of bonus can be used to wager on different games, but you can never withdraw the bonus. However, you can use the winnings from the bonus once the “Betting Requirements” have been met. If you got a € 200 bonus and won € 50 with it, you can only raise € 50 technically. Once you have made the payment, the bonus will disappear from your profile.

Sticky bonus: Type 2

This is similar to the Type 1 Sticky Bonus, but with little change in circumstances. Here, when you withdraw, the bonus will remain in your bank account until its expiration date, which means that you can still benefit from the bonus offered once you have made a withdrawal.

Special Bonus Offers at Online Casinos

Casino bonuses can be further divided into two categories, which we will look at in more detail below. These are deposit bonuses and non-deposit bonuses.

Deposit Bonus: This includes all forms of bonus that require a certain type of deposit in order for them to receive an incentive. No Deposit Bonus: This includes all types of bonuses that can be accessed without first processing the deposit.

Deposit Bonuses:
Here we present you with 7 popular deposit bonuses:

Match Bonus: The match bonus is probably the most popular form of deposit bonus. In short, the casino undertakes to offer you a certain percentage of your first deposit in cash games. These types of bonuses are generally subject to redemption requirements.

They can offer you 100% of your first deposit of the match. This means that if you deposit € 100, they will match the amount with another € 100, giving you € 200 to play.

Another kind of match offer may include an upper limit. The offer may represent a 50% equivalence of deposits up to a limit of EUR 200. This means that the casino will pay 50% of your deposit as long as 50% is € 200 or less. This requires a deposit of € 400 or less. If there is more, they only pay the amount. Free Spins Bonus: There are several free spins here. While free spins often do not require a deposit to play with them, there are odd situations when combined with deposit bonuses.

These bonuses may be subject to wagering requirements, but from time to time the casino will offer them without such specifications.

Cashback Bonuses: Cash can be returned to online casino players who frequently make deposits to a particular casino. These cashback bonuses are common to customers who are affiliated with the casino’s Loyalty Rewards program.

Sometimes these cashback bonuses are offered based on the amount of losses incurred by the casino in good faith.
Free Game Bonus: These incentives are designed for you to familiarize yourself with the games before wagering your hard earned money. Free game bonuses allow you to win higher cash bonuses when you make the required minimum deposit.

Exclusive Bonus: Exclusive bonuses are offered to special groups. The bonus is for specific customers during the promotion. This may include players from a particular country may then receive certain promotions. Players who board the board through a specific daughter page can receive certain bonuses, exclusively.

Package Bonus: These are usually incentive offers that include more than just one type of bonus. For example, it may include a deposit match bonus as well as a free spin bonus with blister requirements or wagering requirements.

VIP Bonus: This is a unique bonus offered strictly to High Rollers and large consumers. These can include deposit matches, free spins and many other rewards such as free gifts, returns and more. Recycling requirements are generally not as stringent as other prizes. However, the minimum deposit limits are very high.

Non-deposit bonuses:

Bonuses of this type almost always have transit requirements or redemption requirements combined with raising the cap. The two most popular bonuses in this category are:

Free Cash Bonus: Here you have free access to the games without a deposit. Payments are limited, and there are a number of strict conditions before you can take advantage of this promotion. But at any time for free, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Free Spin Bonus: We’ve talked about free spin bonuses in the Deposit Bonus section, but they are most commonly given without a special deposit. This game only starts paying off once you have met the strict recycling requirements.

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