October 29, 2019

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack Tournaments – Procedure and Strategy

In a blackjack tournament, you play against other players like poker.
To win, you must not only defeat the dealer, but also collect more chips than any other tournament participant. As a rule, a blackjack tournament is played in different elimination rounds. Depending on the number of participants, several blackjack tables are played at the beginning.

At the beginning of each round, all players start with the same number of chips. Unlike normal blackjack, the game in a blackjack tournament does not always start automatically with the person sitting on the far left of the dealer (first base), but changes regularly. As with poker, there is a so-called dealer button, which is pressed one position further to the left after each hand played. Thus, no player at the table has advantages from a later position at the table and the chances are the same for everyone.

Before the dealer deals the cards, all players must place their bet. The amount of the bet can be set by each player. In most cases, players orient at their opponents’ bets and rely more or less on tactical founders. During the game, players have the same options as a blackjack game at a casino table. If a player loses all his chips, the tournament is over for him.
After a set time or number of rounds, players with the most chips at one table qualify for the next round. It depends on the tournament how many players reach the next round. For everyone else, the tournament is over.
Players with the most chips are split across all tables and play against each other again. This will continue until there is only one Final Table with a maximum of seven players.

Strategy in a Blackjack Tournament

 The strategy in a blackjack tournament differs from the blackjack strategy at a casino table. Since the goal of a blackjack tournament is to collect more chips than your opponents, it sometimes makes sense to do things you wouldn’t do at a normal blackjack table.

The chances of winning a blackjack tournament depend on a number of factors. First, how well a player masters the optimal “Basic Strategy” blackjack strategy. On the other hand, how well a player can count cards to identify favorable situations and bring more bets into that situation. Accordingly, the strategies are the same when many good blackjack players sit at a table.

Tournament newcomers and players who cannot count cards have the best chance of doing the opposite of what the majority at the table does.

So if most players make low bets, then you make big bets. In case of a win, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. However, this can also backfire. Either you win or you leave the tournament singing and silent.

Advanced players know how good the odds of winning in each round and can increase or decrease their bet accordingly. Here you should always look at the bets of the competition. If the situation is advantageous, one should outbid the use of the opponents. If the situation is detrimental, bet less than the opponents.

Over the course of a tournament, it becomes more and more important to calculate how much you have to bet in relation to your opponents in order to qualify for the next round.
So the strategy in a blackjack tournament is a balancing act between risk and loss minimization.

Major Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are nowhere near as well known as poker tournaments, but casinos around the world regularly host high-prize blackjack tournaments. And even in online casinos, you can measure your skills with those of other blackjack players in a blackjack tournament.