October 10, 2019

Blackjack Strategy


The optimal blackjack strategy

Basically, all casino games have appropriate rules to ensure that the casino has an advantage over the player. Therefore, this mathematical value is called the home advantage of the casino. The house advantage ensures that casinos exist at all. You could say it’s a kind of life insurance of casinos or an entertainment tax for players.

In some games, the house advantage is higher than in others. However, it is lowest in blackjack. Provided you have the right strategy. Fortunately, we do not have to worry about this, because the optimal blackjack strategy has been around for a long time! In the 1960s, mathematicians calculated exactly which action would lead to the best possible outcome. These calculations are summarized in a table called “Basic Strategy”. This is the optimal blackjack strategy.

If you follow the basic strategy, you can reduce the casino’s home advantage to less than 1%. In comparison, the house advantage for other casino games such as roulette or slots is at least three times.
The blackjack strategy table shows the best possible action in any situation at the blackjack table. For beginners, this can seem a bit complicated. That is why we are trying to explain the blackjack strategy here as simply as possible.

Basically, you always have two options: hitting or standing. “Hit” means that you will take a card in addition to your two starting cards (hand). At Stand, you stop at the current ticket total. In addition, a couple has the option to share and continue playing with two separate hands. For certain card values (9.10 and 11), you also have the choice to double your bet.
Its decision depends on the value of your own two cards and the public dealer-up card. In simple terms, the following blackjack strategy minimizes the casino’s home advantage:


You stop when you have 17 or more
You have 12 – 16 and the dealer has less than 7
to HIT!

You draw a card when:

• You have 8 or less
• You have 16 or less and the dealer has more than 7
• 4, 5 pairs and pairs of 10 should NEVER be shared.
• Pairs of aces and ape should ALWAYS be shared.
• All other pairs will only be split if the dealer has less than 7


• Double with 9, 10, and 11 if you have more than the dealer (e.g. 10 vs. 9 or A vs. 10).


With this simplified form of optimal blackjack strategy, you can help your luck with mathematical probability in the jumps. By always being more likely to take action, one euro or another will be saved in the long term. Ideally, practice the blackjack strategy in an online casino until you master it perfectly. Only if you no longer need to spit or think, you should venture into a real casino.